A Solar Panel also known as Photovoltaic (PV) Panel is essentially a device which converts sunlight into Direct Current(DC) electricity.

In RV & Marine applications a solar panels sole purpose is to charge batteries. The solar panel will not run appliances alone as the voltage and current is not regulated. All electrical appliances whether 12 volt DC as used in most RV & Marine applications require a steady window of volts and available current to run hence the power to run appliances is taken direct from a battery.

A PV Panel must be connected to a solar charge controller and never connected directly to a battery. A solar panel will deliver excess voltage to the battery and also never stop charging when the PV panel is exposed to sunlight.

To charge a battery from a solar panel the panel must be wired through the solar charge controller so as to regulate the voltage and current going into the battery and to isolate charge from the solar panel when the battery reaches a full state of charge.

To carry out a full solar install you will require the panels, charge controller, panel brackets, fuses, cable, sealants, fixings etc.

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