Damages to your Caravan or RV caused by Storm, Hail, Flood, fire, Collision/Impact or Malicious damage/theft are generally deemed as valid claims and your Insurance Policy is in place to cover you against the financial loss associated from such incidents.

Damaging your beloved RV can be stressful and can stop your travels in an instant. We work as quickly as possible to get you back on the road. We carry a current vehicle repairers licence and are equipped to carry out any kind of repair on your RV.

We work with all the Insurance Companies and broker firms and will handle the whole insurance process for you.

Insurance Repair Process

1) Call your Insurance Company and Obtain a Claim number.

2) Call us on 0404121925 to organise an assessment with us. We will take photo’s of the RV and submit a quote to your insurer.

3) You will usually be contacted by an Insurance Assessor working for your insurance company to validate the claim by assessing damages.

4) The claim will usually then be authorised, (unless the damages are deemed not claimable), and a work Authority will be sent through to us which is when all parts are ordered for the repair and a tentative repair booking is made.

5) Deliver your RV to our workshop on the pre arranged day for repairs.

6) Collection of your RV

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