We will agree to carry out warranty repairs to your caravan or motorhome but we have a strict Company Policy which needs to be agreed to before commencement of any Rectification Work. These protocols are in place to ensure it is a viable exercise for our company and a smooth process for the customer.

There are certain aspects of your caravan which your manufacturer will not warrant, for example appliances and parts of the caravan that were not made by your manufacturer and the warranty will lie with the manufacturer of those products and a separate warranty claim will need to be made for Air Conditioners, Fridges, Stoves, Inverters, Batteries etc through the respective agents that service those brands.

We do not carry out appliance repairs.


Warranty Policy


  • Minimum Work Order is 3.5 hours labour. If the labour for the rectification work does not take 3.5 hrs you can take advantage of other services we offer to increase the hours to be able to get your RV into out Workshop.
  • The customer is to liaise  with their RV Supplier or Manufacturer about their warranty concerns and the manufacturer is to supply them with a detailed corrective action plan/work order to rectify the warranty to be presented to us for quoting. The work order/corrective action plan shall detail exact method of repairs for each individual issue. All parts less consumables are to be supplied by the manufacturer/Rv Supplier.  The customer will then present our quote to their RV Supplier / Manufacturer for authorisation.
  • Once Authorised the customer will contact us to advise so and we will book a repair time in our schedule. If the parts are not supplied within a week of the scheduled repair date the repair booking will be cancelled.
  • Any repairs are to be paid to us by the customer and the customer is to seek reimbursement/refund from the Manufacturer/RV Supplier once repairs are completed. Since the repairs have been authorised this should not be an issue. If in the case additional work is required to rectify issues outside of our quote whilst we are carrying out repairs a further quote will be provided and authority sought before commencing those repairs. If authority cannot be provided within a timely manner or the extra works are extremely labour intensive to complete the the repair the RV may need to be re-booked for those extra repairs at a later date. Please note that the repairs carried out to date will still need to be paid for if the RV is to be bought back for further rectification work.