Purple Line caravan movers manoeuvre caravans with a simple remote control to hitch, unhitch or park the caravan into a tight spot. They take the stress out of these manoeuvres and minimise the risk of damaging the caravan.

All e-go movers have powerful, high torque, 12V electric motors, a computerised ‘brain’ and remote control handset. The lightweight, alloy-bodied motors work through a direct-drive reduction gearbox to turn lightweight alloy friction rollers that drive the caravan wheels.

We have models to suit single axle caravans (two motors) up to 2.25 tonnes and dual axle caravans (four motors) up to 3.5 tonnes. They are ideal for loose surfaces and sloping ground. All models have a 2 year warranty and are supplied with all fittings and instructions.

See Phil Lord’s article on Caravan Camping Sales displaying how to install a Single Axle Caravan Mover to a an Offroad Camper Trailer at our Service Center.