Isotherm Marine & RV Compressor Fridges

Indel Webasto Marine, based in St. Agata Feltria in Italy, is the successful Joint Venture between the Italian refrigeration leader Indel B and the leading automotive supplier Webasto, based in Germany. These two companies joined forces to bring high quality galley equipment solutions to marine and RV applications. Indel Webasto Marine stands for high quality products in the Marine and RV industry.

Indel B first established in 1967 has grown to be one of the major players in cooling solutions for the RV, Marine, transport and the hospitality industries and was commissioned in the early 1980’s for NASA refridgeration.

Marine refrigerators operate under tough conditions, they must withstand violent movements temperature extremes, operate noiselessly, be thoroughly reliable and, perhaps the most important of all, consume an absolute minimum of battery power. Since initially being developed for the Marine Industry these Fridge and Freezer units have found their way into the RV industry given their reliable and efficient nature.

ISOTHERM fridges utilise world reknown Secop compressors formerly known as Danfoss.

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