Lithium batteries are the future of battery storage. Lithium batteries are much lighter than traditional lead acid batteries and deliver unrivalled cycle life, more than 4 times more cycles compared to lead acid batteries.

As a general guide lithium batteries are designed to be discharged up to 90% total capacity while the traditional AGM/GEL/sealed batteries are generally not discharged more than 30-40% unless in emergency backup situations which will inherently reduce battery life doing so.

Battery usable capacity (DOD)-depth of discharge

  • Lithium = 80 to 100%

  • Lead-acid AGM = 30 to 50%

  • Lead-acid Gel = 30 to 70%

Based on the above information a Lithium Battery has more usable storage than a traditional battery therefore you could essentially forego weight and storage space in your RV increasing payload, (especially in a caravan), by installing Lithium batteries as 1 Lithium could theoretically replace 2 or more traditional batteries of the same capacity.

Our Lithium Batteries can be directly replaced with your existing deep cycle lead acid battery and you can continue to use your same battery charging system as the built in battery management system with do the rest for you. You will also notice that lithium batteries charge more efficiently than lead acid batteries so the recovery will me much quicker.

This model lithium battery use’s dynamic cell balancing technology to balance the internal battery cells not only whilst charging but also whilst discharging. This assist’s in getting the battery as close to 100% charge levels as possible.