The Webasto Air Heater is the ultimate choice for heating the interior of your RV with a combination of efficiency, economy and unmatched reliability.

The heater is thermostatically controlled which means the unit will cut in and out once the ambient temperature falls or raises outside the desired temperature at which the unit has been set so you can be assured the interior of your RV will remain warm and cosy where ever you choose to rest.

The Heaters furnace draws and expels all air/exhaust externally and no spent gasses or fumes are emitted within the vehicle whatsoever. The unit recirculates the RV’s internal air over the body of the furnace which heats the RV. When the air returning back through the body of the heater reaches the set temperature the furnace of the heater will shut down and the fan will continue to recirculate air until the built in temperature control senses that the air has fallen past the set temp and the furnace will commence heating.

The new generation Webasto Heaters are whisper quiet unlike other brands of Diesel heaters and also have unparrelled serviceability and parts availability.


Supply and install costs start at $2000 for basic kit that consists of the unit installed into a Motorhome /vehicle that has an existing tank to be able to pick up its diesel fuel supply from. This install covers the single STC 2000 Webasto Diesel Heater with inlet and outlet grills.

Extra cost is required for installations where unit is positioned under cabinets/seating where ducting and inlet & outlet fittings are required to draw and distribute air from within the cabin of the RV or Vehicle.

General Webasto Caravan Diesel Heater Installation cost including Diesel Tank Installation all necessary fittings, ducting & labour for a single outlet unit is $2800.

We can carry out commercial applications also. Cranes/buses/telecomunication work vans etc.

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